End Customer Churn With
CliqueMJ's Loyalty App!

Your dispensary customers deserve to be incentivized, give them something you know they will love to use.

Modern. Seamless. Loyalty.
The first of its kind.

The CliqueMJ app is a universal mobile application created for dispensary customers to collect their loyalty points, and save money on cannabis purchases every time in a convenient manner. 

Put your dispensary on the map!

Weedmaps effect in place in order for your consumers to locate you on the map! Return customers are more likely to come back to the dispensary closest to them.

One-time check-in

Dispensary customers no longer need to check-in every time at their dispensary to earn their points. Once the CliqueMJ app is downloaded, users will always automatically be logged into the app, and will be a button away from earning their points!


To ensure your customers are above the required age, we ask users to input their date of birth on the CliqueMJ app.  


Increase your sales by sending effective targeted marketing campaigns. Dispensary customers select what interests they would like to receive deals from on the app! Flower? CBD? Vapes? You name it!

Win over your customers

Concerned about your high opt-out rates? Wondering why the same customer isn’t purchasing twice? Say goodbye to spam-like text messages! With the CliqueMJ app, the dispensary customer decides whether or not they would like to be notified, it’s at their own time. Making this method non-invasive and more engaging for the end-user.


Incentivize your customers, make them look forward to collecting points by showing them what they can unlock in advance! 


With API integrations, CliqueMJ loyalty members will be able to redeem your deals seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Deals, Deals, and Deals.

Visual. Eye-catching. Offers. Flock customers into your store with your daily/weekly deals by scheduling them in advance through your dispensary portal. 

In-app affiliate program

Drive word-of-mouth through the roof with our in-app affiliate feature on the CliqueMJ app. End-consumers can now share your dispensary page with friends and get points for doing so when a purchase is made. 

Transferring Points

Have you as a consumer ever been able to share points with friends and family to redeem a free 1/8th? Well, you can now. Consumers that are following a mutual dispensary will be able to share points to unlock a better deal. 


“The CliqueMJ mobile loyalty app is a game changer. The fact that we can engage with our customer as a dispensary without using spam-like messages has not just decreased opt-out rates but also increased our top-line revenue and our customers love it.”

– Santa Monica Dispensary

Get ahead of your competition today.