With CliqueMJ, you
can now advertise
your restaurant or
business to a
niche market.

Do you have a restaurant or entertainment business? This right here is for you. Advertise your local business to thousands of cannabis consumers and bring some of that congested foot traffic from neighboring dispensaries into your store.

Food coupon


Our clients

Advertising the largest brand names in the industry.

The Cannabis consumer

35 million Americans purchase and consume cannabis, that’s 22% of the total population. That goes to show that cannabis consumers can be anyone. Food and cannabis go hand in hand. Take your sales to another level.

Quick. Effective. visual.

Onboarding takes 5 minutes and is facilitated solely by CliqueMJ. Send us your best photo associated with a 10% minimum discount or even a free meal in order for it to be incentivizing enough for the consumer.

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Drive the best customers into your business,
The hungry ones.

Start generating revenue and covering your overhead costs, today.